“Isabelle knows the market well”

Isabelle was my direct supervisor during my large-scale events with Lolë. She successfully, impressively organized these yoga events in major metropolitan cities.

Her steadfastness, enthusiasm and ability to mobilize a team combined with her true heart helped me want to connect to the company and to the students - she helped me feel heard and trusted. Isabelle knows the market well.

She has extensive experience and drive to succeed. Her willing heart and strong sense of what's needed to help businesses thrive would be an asset to any team.

— Elena Brower, Yoga Teacher and Author


“Travailler avec Isabelle est la garantie d’avoir un partenaire qui vous amène à vous poser les bonnes questions et vous aide à prendre les bonnes décisions”

Isabelle m'a énormément aidé à redéfinir ma marque.

J'étais perdue sur la direction à prendre et je ne savais pas par où commencer. Isabelle a pris le temps de m'épauler. Nous avons énormément échangé, par mail, par Skype. Elle m'a donné des pistes, m'a amenée à me poser les bonnes questions.

Mais pas seulement. Elle m'a également donné des avis concrets. J'ai ainsi pu avancer, étape par étape, en repartant des bases et des points fondamentaux à prendre en compte.

Définir sa marque est l'une des choses les plus complexes. Et grâce à Isabelle, j'ai pu y voir plus clair et trouver une réelle identité.

— Cindy Latouche - Fondatrice de LaWomanTouch

Privileged working relationships...”


“Working with Isabelle M is one of those privileged working relationships we get to have but a few times in one's career.

Isabelle is a dream for any Director/Photographer to work with because of her deep consideration for the work at hand. Her keen eye, love of life and exquisite taste to detail is what makes her so good at what she does.

Together we made films, shot campaigns, dreamed of projects that were always destined to bring depth and happiness to those lives it touched.

These projects were heartfelt, modern and completely original. Isabelle's creative vision and attention to every step of collaboration is what sets her aside from most people you will ever have the chance to work with.

She will walk as a friend, hand in hand, next to you in achieving your goals. With utmost enthusiasm, I recommend the MILLELAB to any company who wants to grow their brand and reach its greatest potential.”

— Debra Kellner, Photographer / Filmmaker.